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Drinking Enough Water

Even in cool weather, you need two to four quarts of water a day. Under most conditions, humans can only last about three days without water.

  • Pure drinking water is rare, even in the most remote regions. Clear streams often are contaminated by Giardia lamblia, a parasite that causes serious intestinal sickness in humans.
  • The best way to purify water is by boiling. Chemical purifiers such as iodide or chlorine and filter systems can be used, but some may not be satisfactory. Never make survival problems worse by drinking unsafe water.

Finding Food

Humans can go for two weeks or more without food. Although the need for food is not that urgent, you’ll be more comfortable and clear-headed if you eat.

  • As a general rule, anything that birds and mammals eat will be safe and will have some nutritional value.
  • Before you head into a remote area, it’s a good idea to read up on what’s edible in that region.
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