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If you dismount your ORV while it’s pointed uphill, you may be able to turn it around using one of these methods. Consult your owner’s manual, and use only the method recommended for your model.

Drag the Rear of the ORV

If the rear of the ORV is light enough, you may be able to drag it.

  • Stay on the uphill side at all times.
  • Lift the rear and drag it uphill until the ORV is pointed downhill.
  • When you mount to ride, be sure to do so from the uphill side.

Perform a K-Turn

If the ORV is too heavy or you simply don’t want to be near the rear of it, use the ORV’s own weight to perform a K-turn.

  • Stay off the ORV. Perform these steps while standing on the uphill side.
  • Set the parking brake.
  • Shift into neutral.
  • Turn the handlebars sharply to one side, usually to the left.
  • Hold the brake (use the front brake, if you have one), and release the parking brake.
  • Slowly release the brake so that the ORV rolls backward and turns to the side. Try to let it roll until it points slightly downhill.
  • Set the parking brake.
  • Mount from the uphill side. When you’re on the ORV, continue to stay on its uphill side so that you can dismount quickly if necessary. Start the engine, release the parking brake, and ride down the hill.
Diagram of a K-turn labeled
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