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Thousands of ORV clubs are located across the United States and Canada. These nonprofit clubs are groups of volunteers based in local communities. Their goal is to share the fun of ORV riding and make the sport safer for everyone. ORV clubs often work with state and provincial organiza­tions to carry out numerous recreational and community service programs. They:

  • Design, construct, map, and maintain trails—both public and private.
  • Sponsor ORV outings and year-round social activities.
  • Monitor and initiate government legis­lation, and participate in public hearings.
  • Volunteer their services as certified safety instructors, and conduct safety and maintenance clinics.
  • Publish newsletters and newspapers.
  • Provide vital services to sheriff’s depart­ments, police, and civil defense units. For example, they patrol trails and search for lost hikers, skiers, hunters, and children. They also assist conservation officers in emergency wildlife-feeding activities.

Finding an ORV Club

An ORV club is a great place to get to know people in your area with similar interests. Because ORV riders should never ride alone, it’s also a great place to find riding partners. Ask your ORV dealer or instructor about any local clubs. Use an Internet search engine to search for ORV clubs or associations in any state or area.

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