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Different types of transmissions are available, so read your owner’s manual for instructions on shifting your model.

For manual transmissions, let off the throttle as you shift. This helps to keep you from “popping the clutch,” which can cause the front of the ORV to flip backward.

Diagram pointing to an ATV's clutch lever and shifter

Accelerating on a Motorcycle

  • Keep your hips over or slightly in front of the footpegs. Lean your upper body forward.
  • Press your feet down and back into the footpegs, which will help you counter the force pushing you rearward.
  • Practice shifting until you can coordinate the throttle, clutch, and shifter into one smooth, quick motion.
  • Run through acceleration drills to improve your control skills.
    1. Accelerate hard until you reach third gear.
    2. Stop accelerating.
    3. Apply the brakes.
    4. Come to a complete stop.
    5. Repeat steps 1–4. As your skills improve, you will notice the following.
      • Step 3 comes closer to Step 2 until they occur at the same time.
      • Step 4 occurs much closer to Step 3.
OHM parts: Clutch lever and shifter labeled
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