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When using either a winch or a recovery strap to pull a stuck ORV loose:

  • NEVER attach a strap to the hitch ball, suspension components, or steering components on either vehicle.
  • ALWAYS make sure the anchor points on both vehicles are strong enough to handle the loads.
  • Select an anchor point that will let you pull in a straight line and will be strong enough to hold while you are winching. Natural anchors include trees, stumps, and rocks. If you are helping pull out another vehicle, you can use your ORV as an anchor point.
    • To keep your vehicle from moving, put your transmission in neutral, apply the hand brake, and block the wheels.
    • NEVER use the ball hitch on your vehicle as an anchor point. Hitches are not strong enough to withstand the force placed on them from pulling out a stuck vehicle and become deadly missiles when they break off.
  • Not all attachment point fasteners are equal. Ensure fasteners are rated to the attachment point’s manufacturer’s specifications. Avoid using attachment points that have been welded onto the vehicle unless absolutely certain their rating capacity will withstand the forces that will be placed upon them.
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