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An off-road vehicle (ORV) is not a toy. It’s a vehicle built primarily for off-road recreation. ORVs can provide hours of safe, enjoyable off-road riding. But ORVs also can be dangerous if you don’t understand your vehicle or know proper riding procedures.

  • Because different types of ORVs have their own handling characteristics, it's important to study your owner's manual and learn how to operate your particular vehicle. For example, most ORVs have front and rear brakes, but some have linked brakes. You need to know the correct braking techniques for your vehicle.
  • Controls and their locations differ from one model to another. Familiarize yourself with the controls on your vehicle, and learn how to find each control without looking at it. An emergency situation on the trail is not a good time to discover you don’t know where a control is located.
Diagram pointing to an ATV's clutch lever and shifter
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