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When driving your UTV/4x4 off-road, you sometimes will encounter situa­tions where your vehicle will tilt to the side. In each situation, various factors will determine whether or not you can drive safely while tilted:

  • Tire height and pressure
  • Suspension lift and stiffness
  • Roof rack load
  • Vehicle cargo and passenger load
  • Vehicle speed
  • Type of terrain, such as a soft hillside or a rocky or slippery surface

Although the owner’s manual may tell you how many degrees you may tilt safely, this information may not apply in all situations. It is better to trust your common sense. If you feel uncomfortable, do not continue.

If you feel your UTV/4x4 starting to roll over:

  • Do NOT use the brakes.
  • Immediately turn to head down the slope. Then speed up to transfer weight to the uphill side of the vehicle.
  • If you are not in the vehicle, stay on the uphill side. Do not hang onto the vehicle or try to stop it from rolling over.
UTV driving side hill

Courtesy of Mark A. Smith

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