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ORV Operation on Various Land Types

Land Type ORVs 50 Inches or Less in Overall Width (most ATVs and trail bikes) ORVs More Than 50 Inches in Overall Width (trucks, dune buggies, and tracked vehicles)
State forest lands On forest roads and designated trails and routes. Black Mountain Designated ORV Scramble Area (Cheboygan County) On forest routes and roads unless posted as closed.
St. Helen Motorsport Area (Roscommon County)
State game areas No motorized vehicle operation except on established roads open to the public. Some forest roads now permit ORVs.
State parks and recreation areas Silver Lake State Park, Oceana County, is the only state park where cross-country (scramble) operation is permitted. The park rules here are more restrictive than state law. Please contact SLSP directly at 231-873-3083 for more information.
National forest lands Check with the Forest Supervisor’s Office or appropriate District Office.
Local government lands (county, etc.) Subject to ordinances and signing or posting. ORV access routes may be established by local ordinance.
Commercial forest lands, public utility right-of-way, and other private lands Only with permission of the landowner.
Streams, rivers, bogs, wetlands, marshes, etc. ORV operation of all kinds prohibited. You may only cross any of these on bridges, culverts, or other structures.
State and U.S. highways ORV operation is prohibited on any part of an Interstate Highway but may be operated on a State Trunk Line Highway if it is part of an approved and signed MDOT ORV connector route.
County roads, other roads open to cars ORV operation prohibited on roadway and shoulder unless opened by local ordinance as an approved and signed MDOT ORV connector route.
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