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Persons who meet certain criteria are permitted to operate licensed ORVs on forest roads that are open to public vehicular travel on state lands, including those not posted as open to ORVs.

ORV privileges do not include traveling cross-country or operating in areas or on trails and roads specifically posted as closed to ORV or vehicle use or operating within state game, wildlife, or research areas; federal forest lands; state parks; state recreation areas; or Michigan trailways.

The criteria are:

  • Persons with a valid temporary or permanent handicapped parking permit issued by the Secretary of State
  • Persons holding Permits to Hunt From a Standing Vehicle
  • Persons with a physician’s certification
  • Persons with obvious, severe disabilities, including paraplegics and quadriplegics

To indicate the presence of a hunter who has a Permit to Hunt From a Standing Vehicle or a disability, an orange flag may be attached to the ORV. There is no size requirement for this flag.

Orange flag
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