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Being able to come to a quick stop while making a turn is also useful. Set up the same course used for braking in a turn.

  • From marker #1, speed up into second gear. Pass to the right of marker #2, and turn left toward marker #3.
  • At marker #3, apply the brakes and stop in as short a distance as possible. Remember to downshift into first gear.
  • If the ORV swerves to one side, make sure that your body is centered on the machine and that you’re looking straight ahead.
  • If the front of the ORV skids, ease up on the front brake.
  • If the rear of the ORV skids, ease up on the rear brake and downshift more smoothly.
  • Repeat the exercise passing to the left of marker #2 and turning right toward marker #4.
Diagram for practicing braking in a turn
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