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Correct riding posture matters. When you ride a bicycle, you know you need to lean and shift your weight as you maneuver the bike. Riding ATVs and motor­cycles requires similar body movements. With the proper posture, you can shift your weight quickly when necessary and reach the controls easily.

Proper posture includes keeping:

  • Head up and eyes looking ahead along your intended path
  • Hands gripping the handlebars firmly
  • Feet on the footrests, toes pointing straight ahead

Don’t be tempted to take “just one hand” off the handlebar or one foot off the footrest. Although it may seem harmless, it reduces your ability to control the ORV and could cause an accident.

  • If you hit a bump unexpectedly, you could fall off the vehicle.
  • If you dangle or drag your foot, the rear wheel could run over it. You could be seriously injured, and the vehicle could turn over on you.
Proper riding posture on an ATV
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