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Before you do any serious off-road riding, take a safety education course. You also need to find a safe, unchallenging location to practice riding your new ORV and get comfortable operating it. It’s a good idea to walk the area first to make sure there aren’t any unseen hazards that could trap tires, such as dips and holes.


Ideally, the location should be about 100 feet by 300 feet (approximately the size of a football field) and include two types of terrain:

  • A flat area without any obstacles
  • A hilly area that’s not too steep and is easy to climb on foot


Bring a tape measure and a half-dozen markers to set up areas for specific exercises. The markers can be plastic cones or containers, cans, small rocks, or whatever you can find. To keep the wind from moving a light container, you may need to fill it with dirt. Do not use glass or any other object that will shatter or cause damage if you accidentally run over it.

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