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  • Helps prevent serious head injury.
  • Should fit snugly and fasten securely.
    • To check for proper fit, ask someone to try to turn the helmet from side to side after you strap it on.
    • If the helmet turns or feels loose, tighten the strap or find a smaller helmet.
  • May be a full-face helmet or an open-face helmet.
    • Full-face helmets provide the best protection. They protect both your head and face; protect you from tree branches and falls, as well as collisions; provide warmth; and muffle
    • Open-face helmets are cool and light but do not protect your face. You should wear eye protection also.
  • Stick reflective tape on your helmet to make you more visible at night.
  • Select a helmet that has a safety-approved label from the Department of Transportation (DOT).
ATV riding helmet
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