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Preparing to Tow Your ATV

  • Select a trailer with the proper load capacity to carry the vehicles you want to transport.
  • Be sure the trailer has an adequate number of tie-down points.
  • Check the owner’s manual of your towing vehicle to be sure it’s rated to tow the combined weight of the trailer and ATV.
  • Inspect the trailering equipment to make sure it is performing properly and meets your state’s safety requirements.

Preparing to Tow Your Snowmobile

The snowmobile trailer must meet safety requirements for lights, hitching, coupling, and safety chains. A solid ball with lock washer and nut is often considered legal as well. Also consider these important features.

  • Use a snowmobile trailer with a tilt bed for ease in loading and unloading.
  • Make sure the towing vehicle has a heavy-duty flasher and rearview mirrors, inside and outside.
  • Know your trailer’s weight capacity rating, and don’t exceed it.
  • Avoid rope or rubber tie-downs since they are frayed easily by metal edges and any stretching may allow movement.
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