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It is illegal to operate an OHRV or a snowmobile:

  • In a way that would endanger any person or damage any property
  • Through or in wetlands, streams, ponds, or wet meadows
  • On a sand dune
  • On railroad tracks or a railroad right-of-way where the rails are still intact unless:
    • Signs are posted allowing OHRV or snowmobile operation or…
    • You are on an authorized trail, road, or highway and are crossing the tracks
  • On an airport runway or landing field
  • Within a cemetery
  • On a town’s roads or sidewalks, or on parking lots, unless these areas are posted as being open for OHRV or snowmobile operation
  • On open water (also called “skimming”)
  • For chasing or harassing wildlife
  • With a loaded firearm on the vehicle or on a trailer or sled being towed by the vehicle
  • On property to hunt or retrieve game unless you have the landowner’s written permission
  • When your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked in any state or province

It is illegal to remove, destroy, deface, obstruct, alter, or otherwise tamper with any signs and trail markers on trails or private property.

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