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If your engine begins to “lug” or sounds as if it might stall, you need to shift into a lower gear.

  • Keep your weight forward.
  • Shift quickly while briefly releasing the throttle, which will prevent the front wheels from lifting up.

If you don’t have enough power to reach the top of the hill but still have enough momentum and room to turn around safely:

  • Keep your weight uphill.
  • Make a U-turn before you lose speed.
  • Head downhill in a lower gear, keeping your weight uphill or toward the top of the hill.

If you lose all forward momentum while climbing a hill:

  • Keep your weight forward. Apply the brakes. Do not let the ATV roll backward.
  • Set the parking brake while keeping your weight uphill.
  • Dismount on the uphill side of the ATV.
  • Continue by following instructions you have received through other sources—your owner’s manual, an authorized dealer, the vehicle’s manufacturer, or a nationally recognized hands-on training course.
Riding an ATV uphill
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