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Calling 911 is your best option if there is immediate public danger to others or if you need emergency medical help. If a firearm is present or you feel your life could be in danger, leave the area immediately and make the 911 call when you feel you are in a safer situation.

If you witness an OHV violation, please call local law enforcement immediately. The more detailed the information that you have, the more you can help law enforcement officials. Never put your life in harm’s way, but do your best to remember as much as you can about the situation. License plate numbers, descriptions of the person(s), and details of what you witnessed are much needed in these investigations.

Closures can result in response to long-term damage to wildlife habitat, dust problems, chronic trespass issues, littering, and vandalism to private ranching property. If you observe any of these acts of vandalism, livestock depredation, or habitat destruction, please note a description of persons, vehicles, license plate numbers, location, time, date, and any other helpful information. Report this information immediately to the AZGFD 24-hour hotline at 1-800-VANDALS (1-800-826-3257).

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