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Some of the most common and dangerous risks to OHV riders result from exposure to extreme weather. Learn to recognize the signs of these dangers, which include hypothermia, frostbite, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. It's even more important, however, to prepare ahead of time to avoid such risks.

Hypothermia occurs when the body loses heat faster than it can produce it.

Contributing Factors
  • Extreme cold
  • Use of alcohol or drugs
  • Slower metabolic rates, as in older people
  • Other medical conditions
  • Uncontrolled shivering
  • Slow slurred speech
  • Memory loss
  • Irrational behavior
  • Lack of movement
  • Sleepiness
  • Unconsciousness
  • Wear weather-appropriate clothing that can wick away moisture.
  • Keep your head covered.
Hunter preventing the onset of hypothermia by using a hypothermia emergency bag
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