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The most important influence on children’s safety and their development of safe operating habits is their parents.

It is your role as a parent to:

  • Learn this material with your child.
  • Attentively and enthusiastically supervise your child during practice sessions. Enjoy this time with your child!
  • Use riding practice as a time to constructively and positively encourage your child’s operating form and habits. Be sure that tips and instructions in this material are followed.
  • Enforce regulations and nurture your child’s safe and responsible operation.

For the safety of your child and others, it is equally important that you:

  • Reinforce safe and ethical operating practices and help your child appreciate the enjoyment of safe and responsible off-highway activity.
  • Be alert for signs of inappropriate operation—clowning around or other behavior that begins harmlessly but, left unchecked, leads to risk and serious consequences.
  • Put in place a “zero tolerance” policy toward inappropriate behavior.

Is Your Child Ready to Ride an OHV?

If your child meets the age requirement, it’s your job to assess whether or not he or she is truly ready to ride.

Father and son on dirt bikes
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