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Waterway Restrictions

You may not operate an ATV/UTV in any navigable water, or on the exposed bed of a navigable water (including exposed lake beds in front of your property), except to:

  • Cross a stream by use of a bridge, culvert, ford, or similar structure and only if the crossing is in the most direct manner practical.
  • Launch or load a boat, canoe, or other watercraft in the most direct manner practical.
  • Access the frozen surfaces of any navigable waters provided the crossing or access is in the most direct manner practical.
  • Operate the ATV/UTV on the frozen surface of navigable water. (Public Use registration is required.)

ATVs/UTVs and Hunting

ATVs/UTVs can be extremely helpful while transporting hunters, hunting gear, and big game.

  • In general, off-trail/off-road operation is not allowed while hunting on public lands, even to retrieve downed game. Check with county, state, or federal officials for any exceptions.
  • For other restrictions, refer to the Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations pamphlet.
Hunter and all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
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