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If your ATV or UTV requires registration, it must display the following.

  • All registered vehicles must display current registration decals. The decals must be displayed prominently on both sides of the ATV or UTV and in a position that is forward of the operator.
  • ATVs or UTVs with a Public Use registration also must have a license plate attached to the rear of the vehicle.
    • The plate must:
      • Have a white background that is at least 4 inches high and 7½ inches wide and…
      • Use black lettering that is at least 1½ inches high with a 316-inch stroke (thickness) and…
      • Display the registration ID number—the four numbers and two letters found on the registration decals and registration certificate card and…
      • Be visible at all times and…
      • Be kept in legible condition.
    • The plate may:
      • Be homemade or purchased commercially and…
      • Be made from any type of material.
Wisconsin ATV decal location
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