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Even if you live close to the trail, most ATV riders should always transport their ATV to the riding area. Never ride on roads or in the ditch, unless the road is legally open for ATV travel. Illegal road and ditch riding sets a bad example and is often cited by ATV opponents to prevent the expansion of ATV trails. You’re encouraged to use a trailer designed for ATVs. However, many ATVs can be loaded into pickup trucks or vans. Consult your owner’s manual for the proper transport method.

Preparing to Tow

  • Confirm the trailer meets any state safety requirements.
  • Check the tire pressure on the towing vehicle and the trailer. Make sure you have a spare tire in good condition for both the vehicle and the trailer. Also, make sure your car jack will work with your trailer, or get a jack that will.
  • Tighten the lug nuts/bolts on the wheels of both the towing vehicle and the trailer, and grease the wheel bearings.
  • Make sure that all lights and brakes on the towing vehicle and the trailer work properly.
  • Examine tie-down straps, lines, safety chains, and hitch for signs of wear. Replace or adjust as necessary.
  • Make sure your trailer is the correct type, size, and capacity for your ATV(s) and your towing vehicle.
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