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  • To operate an ATV or UTV legally in Wisconsin:
    • The ATV or UTV must display current registration decals or…
    • You must possess a temporary operating receipt or…
    • You must possess a copy of a signed registration application from a dealer.
  • Before you register your machine, make sure it is an ATV or UTV as defined by Wisconsin law. No homemade or non-commercially manufactured vehicles may be registered.
  • The following registration options are available for ATVs and UTVs. More details are available in the Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations pamphlet.
    • Public Use registration allows you to operate on any areas open to public riding and on private property with the landowner’s permission. You must have a Public Use registration to operate on the frozen surface of any lake or stream.
    • Private Use, Non-Agricultural registration is available for ATVs or UTVs that are used exclusively on land owned or leased by you or a member of your immediate family.
    • Private Use, Agricultural registration is a Private Use registration with an Agricultural Use designation. Having this type of registration allows you to transport farm implements, equipment, supplies, or products on a farm or between farms. You may operate on public roads for agricultural purposes, but you may not operate on public, frozen waterways or on public lands open to ATVs or UTVs.
    • Municipal and Government Use registration is available for ATVs or UTVs that are owned by a state, county, city, or village.

ATV/UTV Registration for Non-Residents of Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin law requires all ATVs/UTVs not registered in Wisconsin to obtain a non-resident trail pass. This can be a five-day temporary pass or an annual pass.
    • The temporary pass must be carried on the ATV/UTV whenever the machine is being operated on any trails.
    • The annual trail pass must be attached permanently near the forward half of the ATV/UTV where it will be clearly visible.
  • If a non-resident’s ATV/UTV has been in Wisconsin for more than 15 consecutive days, it must be registered in Wisconsin.
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