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Many states have laws specifying the minimum age at which a person may ride an ATV unsupervised. If your child meets the age requirement, it's your job to assess whether he or she is truly ready to ride. To make an informed decision, you must consider several factors.

  • Physical Development: Can your youngster sit comfortably on the ATV and reach the controls easily?
  • Motor Skills: Is your child’s coordination adequate for the challenge of riding an ATV?
  • Visual Perception: Does your child have good depth perception, peripheral vision, and the ability to judge distances?
  • Social/Emotional Maturity: Will your youngster understand the risks involved in riding an ATV and make good decisions to drive responsibly and avoid accidents?

Age and Engine Size

For your child’s safety and comfort, you must match your child with an ATV engine size that is appropriate for his or her age group.

  • Ages 6–11: Under 70cc
  • Ages 12-15: 70 to 90cc
  • Ages 16 and older: Over 90cc

Your Role as a Parent

You will be your child’s teacher and safety advisor; so you must be familiar with your youngster’s ATV, including its controls, handling characteristics, maintenance requirements, and proper riding techniques.

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