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Most ATVs are not designed to carry passengers. A passenger can interfere with the operator’s ability to shift his or her weight properly during maneuvers, which can cause a loss of control. If your ATV is designed for more than one person, be sure your passenger(s):

  • Stays seated to keep the vehicle’s center of gravity as low as possible.
  • Keeps his or her feet on the footrests and does not extend his or her hands beyond the edge of the ATV.
  • Dismounts before you cross a road or difficult obstacle and walks across.

Youthful Passengers

Never operate an ATV with a child straddling the seat in front of you. This is an extremely dangerous practice that endangers both the operator and the child. Children in this position can manipulate the controls on the ATV, cause you to operate with one hand, and distract your attention away from operating the ATV.

A UTV designed to carry passengers
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