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  • To operate an OHM legally off a roadway and on a designated OHM trail, public area, or route in Wisconsin:
    • The OHM must display a current registration decal, and you must carry your registration certificate or…
    • You must possess a temporary operating receipt.
  • The following registration options are available for OHMs. More details are available in the Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations pamphlet:
    • Public Use registration allows you to operate on any areas open to public riding and on private property with the landowner’s permission.
    • Private Use registration is available for OHMs that are used exclusively:
      • For agricultural purposes or…
      • On land owned or leased by you or a member of your immediate family.

OHM Registration for Non-Residents of Wisconsin

Non-resident trail passes are not available for OHMs. To operate on an OHM route or public area, you must have a Wisconsin Public Use registration.

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