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A major cause of accidents among juvenile riders is riding a machine that’s too large for them to handle physically.

  • Leg Length: When standing on the footrests, there should be a minimum of 3 inches of clearance between the seat and the top inseam of the pants. This clearance is required to maintain balance on the footrests when turning and riding over hills and rough terrain. While seated, the thigh should be roughly parallel to the ground.
  • Foot Length: A child should be able to reach the brake by rotating the foot on the footrest.
  • Arm Length: When seated on the machine, a child’s arms should be long enough to:
    • Turn the handlebars and maintain a firm grip.
    • Operate the throttle comfortably when the handle is extended fully in a turn.
    • Operate the brake lever. The first joint of the index finger should extend beyond the brake lever when the child grips the handlebar.
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