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In Massachusetts, the term OHV includes both “recreation vehicles” and “snow vehicles.”

  • Some Massachusetts laws apply to all OHVs.
  • Some Massachusetts laws apply to recreation vehicles only, or to snow vehicles only.

A "recreation vehicle" has wheels. Recreation vehicles include ATVs, ORVs, UTVs, 4x4s, mule-type vehicles, dirt bikes, and OHMs.

According to Massachusetts law, a “recreation vehicle” is:

  • Any motor vehicle that is designed or modified for use over unimproved terrain for recreation or pleasure while not being operated on a public way or…
  • Any legally registered motor vehicle when used off a public way.

According to Massachusetts law, “recreation vehicles” include:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)—Motorized recreational vehicles designed or modified for travel on 4 low-pressure tires that have a seat designed to be straddled by the operator and handlebars for steering control
  • Recreation Utility Vehicles (ORVs, UTVs, or mule-type vehicles)—Motorized flotation tire vehicles limited in engine displacement to less than 1,500 cubic centimeters and in total dry weight to not more than 1,800 pounds that have 4 or 6 low-pressure tires, a bench seat (not intended to be straddled by the operator), and a steering wheel for control
  • Off-Highway Motorcycles (OHMs) and Dirt Bikes
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