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On July 31, 2010, the Massachusetts legislature approved revisions to the Massachusetts Recreation Vehicle Laws. Included in the new provisions are:

  • Establishment of an OHV program fund to support improved riding opportunities and law enforcement efforts
  • Age restrictions for vehicle operators
  • Education requirements for OHV operators under 18 years of age
  • Increased penalties for illegal use of an OHV or snowmobile

For more information, refer to Chapter 90B on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Legislature website.

Establishing the Off-Road Vehicle Program Fund

Legislation approved on July 31, 2010, established funding for various OHV and snowmobile programs.

  • Revenues from OHV and snowmobile registration and operating fines will be paid into the fund to support safer operation and improved opportunities for enjoying off-road vehicles.
  • Administered by the Executive Office of Energy and Environment Affairs, the fund will provide:
    • Increased law enforcement
    • Improved safety education for operators
    • Additional designated riding trails and improvements to existing trails
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