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All Massachusetts law enforcement officers enforce OHV laws and regulations. In the performance of their duties, enforcement officers may enter upon and pass through or over private lands or property.

An enforcement officer may require an OHV operator to produce:

  • The personal identification and address of the operator
  • The vehicle registration certificate
  • A safety permit proving successful completion of an approved recreation vehicle safety and responsibility course

An operator who violates OHV laws and regulations may receive fines and/or other penalties for:

  • Operating recklessly or negligently
  • Leaving the scene of the accident without stopping and giving his or her name, address, and vehicle registration number to others involved in the accident
  • Operating in a manner resulting in the serious injury or death of another person

Parents are responsible for their children. A parent or guardian who knowingly permits a child under the age of 18 to operate an OHV in violation of laws and regulations is also in violation and is subject to the same penalty as the child.

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