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Endangering a Rider

In Oregon, it is illegal to endanger a rider. You are endangering a rider if you are the parent or legal guardian of a person under 16 years of age and you let him or her operate an ATV, ORM, or side-by-side on public lands when he or she:

  • Does not possess a valid ATV Safety Education Card or…
  • Is not supervised by a person who is at least 18 years of age, is able to assist the youth operator, and has a valid ATV Safety Education Card or…
  • Does not meet the minimum size requirements for the ATV or side-by-side that he or she is operating or…
  • Is under 7 years of age and operating an ORM.

Damaging Signs

It is illegal to:

  • Remove, deface, or destroy any official sign installed by a state, federal, local, or private land management agency or…
  • Install any OHM vehicle–related sign.
  • Stop sign vandalism
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