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For easier reading, we may use ATV to refer to All-Terrain Vehicles.

According to Oregon law, an ATV is a two- to eight-wheeled vehicle that has a motor and is designed for riding on unpaved surfaces. ATVs include off-road motorcycles and side-by-sides (UTVs), but not snowmobiles. Oregon divides ATVs into four classes.

  • Class I ATV has a maximum width of 50 inches, a maximum dry weight of 1,200 pounds, three or more inflatable tires, handlebars for steering, and a seat designed to be straddled by the operator. Also known as quads and 3-wheelers.
  • Class II ATV weighs more than or is wider than a Class I ATV and is not a Class IV ATV. Also known as 4x4s and includes trucks, Jeeps®, SUVs, dune buggies, and sand rails.
  • Class III ATV is an off-road or off-highway motorcycle (ORM or OHM) with two tires.
  • Class IV ATV has a maximum width of 65 inches, a maximum dry weight of 1,800 pounds, four or more inflatable tires, a steering wheel for steering, and non-straddle seating. Also known as side-by-sides or UTVs.

Jeep is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.

Oregon ATV class types
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