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Oregon residents who operate any off-road vehicle (ORV) on public lands must have an ATV Operating Permit displayed on the vehicle.

There are permits for the four classes of ATVs.

  • Permits are valid for two years.
  • They may be purchased from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) by calling 1-800-551-6949, or you may purchase one from a permit agent.

Permits are $10, and many permit agents charge an additional $0.50. For more information about the operating permits for different ATVs, visit the OPRD website.


If you have a valid ATV Operating Permit from another state, Oregon will honor it if that state honors Oregon ATV Operating Permits. This is known as “reciprocity.” For a list of states that have reciprocity with Oregon, visit the OPRD website.

Non-residents must adhere to Oregon’s equipment and operating requirements.


You are not required to have an ATV Operating Permit for an ATV or ORM if the ORV is used exclusively:

  • For farming or agriculture or…
  • For forestry, tree nurseries, or growing Christmas trees or…
  • On lands owned or leased by the owner of the ORV.
Oregon ATV operating permit location
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