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All New Mexico peace officers and wildlife conservation officers enforce the OHV laws and regulations.

  • An enforcement officer may require an OHV operator to produce:
    • The registration card or nonresident permit
    • A safety education permit proving successful completion of an off-highway motor vehicle training course
    • The personal identification of the operator
  • An operator who violates OHV laws and regulations is guilty of a penalty assessment misdemeanor, unless that violation contributed to an accident resulting in a person's injury or death.
    • First-time violations are subject to fines ranging from $71 to $261.
    • Second, third, and subsequent violations are increased to higher penalty classes and subject to additional fines.
  • Parents are responsible for their children. A parent or guardian who knowingly permits a child under the age of 18 to operate an OHV in violation of the laws and regulations is also in violation and subject to the same penalty as the child.
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