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Transcript for Making Quick Stops on a Straight Path

Making Quick Stops on a Straight Path

You may need to stop quickly for any number of reasons. This exercise will sharpen your ability to bring your ATV to a quick stop.

One orange-and-white cone is placed into view.

Set two markers 100 feet apart. Start at one end and ride toward the other in second gear.

A person rides an ATV from one cone until he or she reaches the second one, then stops quickly.

Maintain your speed until you pass the second marker, and then apply the brakes and shift into first gear.

A person riding an ATV puts down a third cone before driving off-screen.

Mark the spot where you came to a complete stop. Start over again to see if you can stop in a shorter distance.

A person riding an ATV crosses the screen back and forth once across the screen.

Once you’re satisfied with your performance, repeat the same process in higher gears.

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