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Climbing hills can be dangerous if you don’t follow the proper procedures as described in your owner’s manual. You could lose control of your machine, or it could overturn.

In general, you should:

  • Use good judgment. If the hill looks too steep, it probably is.
  • Start the climb by shifting into a lower gear. Speed up to maintain momentum.
  • Slow down until you can see what's over the crest of a hill if visibility is limited.

To ride up a hill while seated:

  • Slide forward far enough to position your torso over your front wheels or handlebars and…
  • Keep your body weight uphill and on the footrests/footpegs.

If riding an OHM, staying in the proper uphill riding position will:

  • Keep your front wheel on the ground.
  • Keep your rear wheel from digging in and causing your front wheel to leave the ground. This could cause your machine to roll over backward.
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