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The dealer who completes the inspection may submit the application and other documents on your behalf or you may mail them yourself. Dealers may charge up to $2 for each registration and/or title application submitted.

The Nevada Certificate of Title, if issued, is processed separately from the registration decal. All ownership documents will be required to title the OHV. The title will be mailed to the lender or other lienholder, if any, or to the owner if there is no lienholder.

See the table below for potential OHV fees in Nevada. You may pay by check or money order made payable to DMV. You may also pay by credit or debit card using the payment card slip attached to the forms.

Fee Type Fee Amount
Registration (annual renewal required) $20.00
Late fee for expired registration $10.00
Title for Nevada-based vehicles $28.25
Title if the vehicle is not registered or present in Nevada $43.25
VIN assignment (if needed) $2.00
Dealer fee per registration or title application submitted (paid to dealer separately) $2.00
Duplicate decal fee $5.00
Duplicate title fee $20.00
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