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Making Quicker Turns

Frequently on a ride you’ll need to make a quick turn to avoid an obstacle. To make this type of turn, you need to coordinate your body position, shift your weight, and adjust your speed.

A person in an ATV passes by the left of the first marker and then weaves to the right as he or she approaches the second marker.

Set out five markers spaced about 35 feet apart. Begin your ride by traveling to the left of the first marker, and then weave back and forth around the other markers.

A person in an ATV weaves in and out of the remaining three markers.

Start at a slow speed, and then gradually speed up without going beyond second gear.

A person in an ATV weaves in and out of markers that are closer together than before.

When you feel comfortable with the original spacing, move the markers closer together, working your way to a minimum distance of 18 feet.

A person in an ATV weaves in and out of the same markers while making wider turns.

If you frequently hit markers, try swinging wider as you go around the marker and shift your weight more. Also try adding a burst of speed but not so much that you pop up the front wheels.

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