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Transcript for Climbing and Traversing Hills

Climbing and Traversing Hills

Climbing and traversing hills is part of the fun of riding an ATV. This exercise will help you build skills to ride up hills and to turn around using the techniques for safely making a U-turn.

A person riding an ATV slowly accelerates and moves forward.

Start by accelerating at the base of the hill.

The ATV continues to move forward.

If necessary, shift into a lower gear to maintain momentum.

The ATV comes to a fork in the road and goes left.

Turn your ATV to the left, making an arc over the face of the hill.

The person riding an ATV leans back and to the right as he or she continues to go uphill to the left.

Lean uphill (right) as you traverse.

The ATV continues up the hill.

Continue to turn until you’re headed back down the hill.

The person riding an ATV shifts back to a normal position as he or she shifts to going downhill.

Shift into a lower gear, and apply your brakes to slow down.

The ATV is back at the starting position.

Repeat; however, this time turn in the opposite direction.

The person riding an ATV turns right while leaning back and to the left as he or she is going up the hill.

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