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Ride around obstacles when you can. Sometimes, however, the obstacles are small enough to ride over safely. Practice this skill by riding over a series of logs, one at a time.

  • Find three logs about four to six feet long, no more than 10 inches in diameter.
  • Place the logs 35 feet apart and at various angles.
  • Begin at least 25 feet from the first log, and accelerate to second gear.
  • As you approach the log:
    • Stand up, keeping your knees and elbows flexible and bent.
    • Lean forward slightly.
    • Keep the front tires at a 90-degree angle to the log.
  • As the front tires touch the log:
    • Apply a small burst of throttle to keep your momentum.
    • Lean forward further as the rear tires go over the log to prevent being hit by the seat or the rear of the ATV.
  • Keep your head up, and prepare to go over the next log.
ATV crossing over logs as seen from above
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