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ATV registration in Vermont is valid for one year.

  • Operation: Registration is a requirement of vehicle ownership by the state and does not mean that an owner may operate on public or private land.
  • Plates: When you register your vehicle, you receive an identifying number plate that must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle.
  • Registration in Other States: Vermont accepts ATVs registered in another state if that state also accepts ATVs registered in Vermont.
  • Transfer: If you sell your ATV, registration ends upon transfer of the title to the new owner.
    • Upon selling your ATV, you must immediately return to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) the registration certificate and number plate with the date of sale and the name and residence address of the new owner endorsed on the back of the certificate.
    • If you purchase another ATV within the previous registration period, you can transfer the remainder of that registration period to your new ATV for a $10 fee.
  • Fees:
    • Fees exist for registration, duplication of lost registration certificates, replacement plates, personalized plates (additional special fee), certificates of title, and other requirements of law.
    • Please contact the Vermont DMV for more information about fees.

When Is Registration Not Required?

Those instances when an ATV may be operated without being registered are:

  • On the property of the ATV owner
  • In a ski area (off the highway) for the purpose of grooming or maintaining trails
  • Official use by a government agency employee if the ATV is identified by its agency as required by the state
Vermont ATV registration plate location
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