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Responding Appropriately After an Accident

If you are involved in an accident, you must:

  • Stop immediately and render assistance and…
  • Give your name, address, registration number, and the ATV owner’s name to the person injured or the owner of the damaged property.

If someone is injured or killed, or if damage to the other person’s property exceeds $100, notify an enforcement officer immediately.

You must send a written accident report to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles within 72 hours.

Obeying Law Enforcement Officers

  • If you are asked to stop your vehicle by a law enforcement officer wearing the appropriate insignia or operating a law enforcement vehicle, you must do so.
  • The officer may do this with a siren or with flashing blue and white lights.
  • ATV laws may be enforced by sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, constables, police officers, state attorneys, motor vehicle inspectors, state game wardens, or state police.
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