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Transcript for Welcome to Offroad Ed

Rob: Welcome to Offroad Ed.

Haley: Wonderful.

Rob: Now it’s your turn. No, no, we don’t want to go off-trail.

Haley: Ride within your comfort zone.

Rob: We want to make sure you are getting the information and you’re actually learning something.

Rob: You want to secure it to the trailer.

Rob: Matching the rider to the machine gives the rider more control.

Rob: And that means, beside all this information, the course is kind of fun to take.

Haley: The “S” is for… I’ll give you a hint.

Haley pretends to rev her vehicle’s engine.

Haley: Steering and drive system.

Rob: So, we’ve got animations, pictures, and tons of video from us.

Haley: So, let’s go, and see what happens.

Rob: And just as a little reminder, it doesn’t matter how you’re taking this course. It could be on the computer, on your phone, or on some other mobile device; because we’re going to keep track of your progress and make sure that you can start it up anytime, anywhere. Ok, I hope you enjoy the course!

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