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Protective clothing and gear—including a DOT–approved crash helmet—play an important role in preventing injury and death in motorcycle accidents and at other times. Make sure you’re properly outfitted.

  • No access to safety equipment in an accident. In an accident, you will likely be separated from the motorcycle. In that case, safety gear on the bike can’t protect you.
  • Eye protection. Wearing goggles or a full-face helmet safeguards you in two ways:
    • Keeps debris from your eyes, preventing vision difficulty while riding that could result in accidents
    • Protects your eyes from injury
  • Brightly colored, rugged protective clothing. The proper clothing provides additional protection.
    • A colorful riding suit makes you more visible to other riders and motorists, thus helping avoid accidents.
    • Rugged clothing helps protect you from environmental extremes.
    • In an accident, clothing made specifically for riding can help protect your skin from contact injuries.
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