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The type of rear axle on your ATV, as given in the owner’s manual, affects where you should position your body on the seat during a turn. The rear axle may be either of two types.

  • Solid Axle: The wheels on both the inside and outside of a turn rotate at the same speed, even though the wheels on the outside of the turn cover more distance.
  • Differential Axle: The outside wheel rotates faster than the inside wheel, resulting in an easier and smoother turn.

Leaning Into a Turn

Always slide forward before you lean into a turn. If your ATV has a solid rear axle or a locked differential rear axle, use these techniques.

  • For slow turns, slide forward and to the outside—then lean into the turn.
  • For fast turns, slide forward and to the inside—then lean into the turn.
Solid axle ATV or locked differential labeled
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