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For easier reading, we may use three-letter acronyms to refer to vehicles.

  • OHV: Off-Highway Vehicle. A two-, three-, or four-wheeled vehicle that has a motor and is designed for riding on unpaved surfaces. OHVs are also commonly known as ORVs.
  • ATV: All-Terrain Vehicle. A type of OHV with low-pressure, knobby tires designed for riding on unpaved surfaces. ATVs typically have four wheels. Three-wheeled ATVs are illegal in many states.
  • OHM: Off-Highway Motorcycle. A type of motorcycle equipped for certain off-road sports. These motorcycles may or may not be “street-legal.”
  • UTV: Utility Terrain Vehicle. A type of OHV where the driver and a passenger can sit side-by-side in the vehicle. They are most commonly known as UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicle, Utility Task Vehicle, or just Utility Vehicle) or Side-by-Side Vehicles. UTVs are not designed for use on paved surfaces.

The general information in this course applies to all types of OHVs. Much of the specific information, however, applies primarily to ATVs and OHMs.

Three types of OHVs: an ATV, an OHM and a UTV
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