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Securing the ATV

  • Balance your trailer by centering the ATV slightly behind the axle.
  • Set the parking brake on the ATV.
  • Use tie-down straps. Ropes may stretch during transport.
  • Use four straps whenever possible, front and back on both sides. Never use fewer than three straps.
  • Cinch the straps as tightly as possible. Shake the ATV, and make sure it’s secure. The tires should look like they’re carrying weight.
  • Loop any excess strap length below the trailer or pickup.
  • When using a pickup, close the tailgate if possible.

Driving With a Trailer

  • Drive at moderate speeds, and avoid sudden maneuvers.
  • Allow for the added length and weight of the trailer.
    • Make wider turns at corners and curves.
    • Allow extra time and distance for stopping and for passing other vehicles.
  • On long trips, pull over every hour to check the towing equipment.
Detailed View of an ATV Tie-Down Strap
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