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The Wisconsin rules and regulations related to off-highway vehicles change frequently and may be different from year to year. To stay current, always review the most recent version of the Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations pamphlet. The most current edition can be found by searching for “Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations pamphlet” on the Wisconsin DNR website.

Illustration of an ATV

According to Wisconsin law, an ATV is a commercially designed and manufactured engine-driven device that:

  • Has a dry weight of 900 pounds or less and…
  • Is 50 inches in width or less and…
  • Is equipped with a seat designed to be straddled by the operator and…
  • Is designed to travel on three or more low-pressure tires or non-pneumatic tires.

A low-pressure tire is a tire that:

  • Has a minimum width of six inches and…
  • Is designed to be inflated with an operating pressure not to exceed 20 pounds per square inch as recommended by the manufacturer.

This definition includes a small ATV—an all-terrain vehicle that has four wheels and that has either an engine certified by the manufacturer at not more than 130 cubic centimeters or an equivalent power unit.