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Each year, injury accidents and fatal crashes are caused by persons riding an ATV after consuming alcoholic beverages. Alcohol slows your reaction time and distorts your judgment.

Alcohol and ATVs: A deadly mix
  • It is illegal to operate an ATV under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while on any property that is held open to the public (generally this means trails, routes, lakes/rivers, or corridors).
  • Wisconsin's maximum blood alcohol concentration limit is 0.08%, and the limit is strictly enforced. However, a person can be under the influence of alcohol and in violation at lesser concentrations. Avoid alcohol altogether while riding.
  • You are required to provide a sample of your breath if an officer has probable cause to believe you are operating an ATV while under the influence of alcohol. By operating an ATV on areas open to the public, you have automatically consented to provide a sample of your breath, blood, or urine to an officer who requests the test. If you refuse to provide a breath, blood, or urine sample, you will be charged with an additional violation.
  • Wisconsin law allows substantial fines and imprisonment terms for those found guilty of operating an ATV under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.