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Crisscrossing chains under the towing hitch

When you hit a bump while driving down the road, the last thing you want is to look in the rearview mirror and notice the trailer moving on its own. This does happen, and it's very dangerous. It's critical that you hitch the trailer properly.

  • Use a towing hitch of the appropriate size and type for the loaded trailer.
  • Make sure the size stamped on the ball hitch on the towing vehicle matches the size that is stamped on the trailer's coupler. If the ball hitch is too small, a bump in the road could cause the coupler to lift off the hitch.
  • Crisscross two strong safety chains to support the trailer's coupler if it becomes disconnected. The chains should be strong enough to hold the combined weight of the trailer and all vehicles on it.
  • Connect the trailer to the towing vehicle's lighting system. Make sure all the lights work, and don't forget to check the brake lights and both blinkers.